STORIS Begins New Year with Release 10.0

January 11th, 2019 by the STORIS Marketing Team

STORIS Introduces Release 10

Enhancements in STORIS Release 10.0 were organized around the goal to help retailers better serve non-linear buying methods. The new developments were designed for simplicity when servicing these alternative scenarios with the same ease as traditional purchases.

Release 10.0 delivers the most voted on Product Suggestion Portal Enhancement as requested by STORIS’ retail partners in the home furnishings industry. “Multiple Concurrent Fulfillments” is the major enhancement to this revision, adding advanced fulfillment functionality to the point of sale process. This is critical as fulfillment methods are a competitive advantage for retailers in a world shaped by demanding consumer delivery expectations and a call for convenience.

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Multiple Concurrent Fulfillments allows scheduling on different dates, from different fulfillment locations, or to different Deliver To addresses – all from a single POS sales order. Items with different fulfillment methods (such as pickups, parcel shipments, or deliveries) can be completed on the same order. Customers can take home their accessories and wait for the delivery of their special order sofa while completing payment on one individual sales order.

Another advantage is consumers can choose to send merchandise to multiple addresses. This could occur for reasons such as buying for various residences, rental properties, a business, or gift. Further, this can be especially beneficial to retailers catering to designers and contractors who often purchase on behalf of their clientele. Instead of these scenarios being on separate sales orders, Multiple Concurrent Fulfillments speeds up the checkout process tremendously.

Multiple Concurrent Fulfillments is a significant enhancement due to the related processes, such as delivery, logistics, and merchandise preparations being subsequently affected. Each fulfillment on an order can be manifested for routes simultaneously. This allows for delivery or shipment from different warehouses to fulfill a single order concurrently.

Further, tax can be calculated by fulfillment method to comply with local tax jurisdiction. This is critical when managing items going to multiple destinations. Also, STORIS enables delivery charges, cash on delivery requirements, financing, and warranties to be assigned to the fulfillment instead of at the entire order level, if applicable. Finally, all related reports and inquiry views have been accounted for.

Kathrine MacMillan, Systems Project Manager from Jeff Lynch Furniture & Appliance, who beta tested STORIS Release 10.0 noted, “The Sales Order process flow of the new Multiple Concurrent Fulfillments logic is a big win for our sales team and has been instrumental in efficiently managing our builder market. Notable among this enhancement are the ability to subtotal each fulfillment, post finance payments, and make changes to delivery fulfillments whose items are on a manifest. These advantages help us to streamline complex fulfillments with flexibility.”

Customer records have also been enhanced for retailers to delineate billing and deliver-to addresses. The retailer can save multiple deliver-to addresses to a customer record to be used on future orders. Fulfillment on the order will initially default to the associated customer’s primary address but can quickly be changed to accommodate other delivery addresses by line item.

Additionally, in Release 10.0, Customer Information Records have been expanded to include an alternate customer name with the ability to designate a relationship. This helps manage a single customer profile for buying units such as a couple. A grid view also enables retailers to manage unlimited phone numbers and specify home, cell or work numbers.

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