eSTORIS Release 4.2.3 Expands Information Transparency to Customers   

April 15th, 2020 by the STORIS Marketing Team

STORIS has released the latest version of their eSTORIS Integrated eCommerce Platform 4.2.3, ahead of Las Vegas Market.

“The latest release of eSTORIS centralizes around customer information transparency. The goal is to expand areas where customers can self-service through the website for convenience,” commented Product Manager for eSTORIS, Pete Dressler.

Customer Account Profile

To facilitate this goal, eSTORIS continues to build out the functionality of Customer Accounts. The Order Details Page now has the ability to track if a delivery ticket has been printed, if an order is on a manifest, if a picklist has been printed, and if there is a credit hold on the order. Using JavaScript and CSS, retailers can translate these logistical milestones into meaningful Order Status Updates that are visible to the customer. Customers enjoy tracking exactly where their new purchase is in the delivery process, adding transparency to the shopping journey.

Next, eSTORIS provides customers with the ability to reschedule their Open Orders online using STORIS’ Logistical Scheduling Calendars. This previously was limited to products where Available to Promise functionality was enabled, as it was part of the logic used to schedule the order. Now, customers can use eSTORIS’ rescheduling functionality for any product, regardless of whether ATP is active. eSTORIS will use logic around Lead Times to facilitate this. Customers can use this functionality for orders that originated online or in-store for added convenience.

Another exciting new feature streamlines the process for retailers to manage failed payments, that may occur for reasons such as if a customer entered the wrong address or submitted a declined credit card. Previously, a retailer’s Customer Service Team would have to call the customer to secure a valid form of payment. Now a retailer can generate a unique URL to email the customer a link requesting a new form of payment. The link allows a customer to use a different credit card than was on the original order. This greatly streamlines the time and resources needed to receive a successful payment.

The next enhancement gives retailers a new option for how they control Product Availability Quantities that are displayed to the consumer through their website and kiosk product pages. Previously, the available quantity would sum the total net available across their database. Now retailers can choose to limit the quantity to the store’s associated distribution center. This gives retailers more flexibility over what best fits their business case.

On the backend, a new eSTORIS import process has been written to expedite product imports and exports into the database. These processes will now complete much faster and on larger datasets. Finally, eSTORIS 4.2.3 expands promotions by allowing for Manufacturer and Category-level discounts to be used.

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