eCommerce Enhancements Empower Customers to Self-Service

July 20th, 2021 by the STORIS Marketing Team

eSTORIS 4.3.6 is here and a multitude of new features deliver a major impact on customer experience.

As the role of websites expands, the eCommerce Product Management team addresses non-linear shopping journeys and logistical enhancements in this new release.

First, new functionality enables customers to independently complete a Quoted order online without having to return to the store.

Sales Quotes Added to STORIS eCommerce Solutions

With this new feature, a Sales Associate can send their customers an online Quote that locks in products, pricing, and promotional values finalized during their in-store visit or over a phone consultation. The customer can easily complete the Quote online with the terms they were offered in-store. This is important as these specific offers may not be available on the website at a later date. Retailers can set expiration dates on the Quote to incentivize the customer to complete the Order in a timely manner. A new section for Quotes has been added to the Order Management area of an eSTORIS website. A customer will see all their proposed Quotes by simply logging into the website with their email address.

Further, more details have been added to the Order Listing and Order Details views in a customer’s account.

These data points include Order Status & Fulfillment Method including delivery, pickup, or direct ship. Customers can also make payments towards their Open Balances regardless of where the order originated, adding a layer of convenience to the Order Management area.

Continuing in the spirit of self-service, customers now have more capabilities when scheduling their deliveries online.

To streamline logistics, many retailers are using text and email confirmations to transition delivery dates from estimated to scheduled. Once alerted, customers can commit to a scheduled delivery date independently via the eSTORIS Order Management area. This is particularly relevant due to current supply chain issues causing many orders to begin with estimated fulfillment dates. This process saves time for busy logistics teams.

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Finally, coupon codes that are created as promotions in STORIS’ ERP can now be utilized when checking out via the retailer’s eCommerce site.

If a retailer chooses to enable this option, when a customer enters a coupon code in their eSTORIS Shopping Cart, the coupon code will validate against available STORIS discount codes and be applied to the order at the Sub-Total level, if applicable.

Pete Dressler, eCommerce Product Manager for STORIS, commented on the new Release,

“The use of a website not just to transact, but to self-service many types of interactions with a brand is the future. These new features add convenience for our retailers’ customers.”

Gold Line

eSTORIS Release 4.3.6 is available now. Additionally, STORIS’ new eBridge Commerce Website API Solution will also enable retailers to facilitate these integration capabilities on their chosen website platform.

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