Keeping Technology Fresh With Upgrades

As a retailer evaluating new technology, you should be impressed with the software you see today. It is equally as important to consider if you will still be happy with your investment in the future. You can do this by evaluating the development history of the company you are about to partner with, as well as inquiring about their strategic vision. At STORIS, we prioritize development and the release of new STORIS revisions to our entire customer base. Our team also makes it seamless for our retailers to complete their upgrades.

Below we highlight 5 reasons that should be a strategic consideration of your software evaluation, including some that may surprise you.


Take Advantage of Enhanced Features

A valuable new release means brand new features, functionality, and tools that make your processes easier and more effective. How your provider chooses enhancements for the application says a lot about the partnership. Your voice as a retailer should be important to their development process. Quality assurance of new features is critical. Having a provider that believes in detailed testing of any new feature added to their platform will ensure that the benefits are passed on to your business seamlessly.

The Marketplace Is Ever Evolving

New features are critical because the retail marketplace is evolving at an exponential pace. Consumer expectations are always changing and your technology platform is a big part of meeting their needs. Software that isn’t regularly enhanced won’t meet the needs of today’s omnichannel shopper or provide the inventory control necessary to compete against the toughest competition. More so, the needs consumers have today will surely be different tomorrow.

New Devices Are Always Being Introduced

The speed at which companies are putting out new devices and operating systems is staggering. Savvy software engineers need to enhance their applications to meet usability trends of the latest devices. Mobile is no longer a luxury in a retail shopping experience, but something consumers have grown to expect. Your technology provider should design their application for continued success on modern device types.

Keep Up With Consumer Legislation

Consumer protection laws & privacy policies are hot topics. That’s because trust is a substantial component of the decision process of consumers choosing which competitors to give their business to. When handling sensitive customer data and processing payments, it is important that you have a software system that is developed in accordance with consumer legislation to protect your business.

Adopt A Culture Of Embracing Change

It is human nature to be comfortable with what you are used to, but it is necessary to evaluate if the status quo is what is best for your business. Charles Darwin said that those that best manage change survive. More recently Chron noted that “technology represents changes that allow organizations to learn more quickly, than ever before.” Keep your business at the forefront.

Partnering with a company invested in your future is a valuable strategic decision. Enhance your technology today.

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