Mobile Solution to Customize Furniture Products

Allow Customers to Customize Furniture with Special Order Technology

Special Order is a key merchandising tactic that differentiates the home furnishings industry from retail at large. Home furnishings retailers often offer their customers the ability to customize furniture pieces specific to their individual styles.

Without the right technology solutions, Special Orders can clutter inventory management, corrode margins, and challenge purchasing departments.

With STORIS’ Special Order solution designed for home furnishings retailers, configuring custom products has never been easier and can be completed from any mobile-responsive device.

Let’s dive into the key benefits of an exceptional Special Order experience.

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Customize During the Shopping Phase

Start configuring a Special Order product from a mobile Shopping Cart. You can proactively work with a guest to review valid options and determine how their selections will impact the price. This instills confidence throughout the process. As a bonus, the order can be completed with a click when the customer makes a decision, making the process of checking out a Special Order as expedient as a stock product.

Build a Flexible Special Order Program

With STORIS’ Special Order solution, set up programs that match your merchandise assortment and enable a high level of control. STORIS Special Order is flexible, allowing retailers to build a custom-order program with as much complexity as desired. Not every Special Order product is created equal. Different vendors, categories, groups, and individual SKUs can be uniquely customized. 

Organize with Generic SKU Logic

STORIS helps retailers sell Special Order products while maintaining inventory organization through Generic SKU Logic. This enables retailers to maintain a single SKU for a Special Order frame and make alterations during sales order entry. Generic SKU Logic doesn’t bog down your database because it does not create a unique product every time customizations are made. This allows for reporting on frame performance.

Here’s how Special Orders are configured via our technology.

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Special Order Templates

Special Order templates streamline the way sales associates enter information during sales order entry from any mobile-responsive device. These templates prompt which fields need to be defined based on the frame. This ensures your sales associates capture accurate product attributes needed to generate a purchase order.

STORIS enables retailers to create templates for:

Global Usage





STORIS provides the flexibility to create as few or as many Special Order templates as needed. Those that want to stick with a global Special Order template may do so, but other retailers looking to dive deeper into the technicalities of Special Order customizations have an abundance of options. Retailers can mix and match template types across their product hierarchy, using each when it is most suitable. STORIS will intuitively default to the closest defined template during sales order entry.

Prompt for Customizable Attributes

With STORIS Special Order, retailers can define which product attributes need to be customized per template. Examples of attributes can include:




Leg Style


Even within the same vendor, different products can require unique Special Order templates depending on the type of product or if it’s upholstery vs. case goods. You can specify which attributes are mandatory for a manufacturer.

At the Mobile POS, the appropriate template for the SKU will automatically populate. Templates include fields for each attribute that guide the sales associate through what to customize. Field types can either be open text fields or use defined drop-down menus. A template can utilize a combination of field types as needed.

Dropdowns ensure valid options are being selected for the product, such as if a vendor limits the fabrics that can be used for a product. This reduces the risk of disappointing a customer by accidentally designating an unavailable configuration. Human error is further eliminated with a convenient indicator that tells the sales associate if the product has been successfully configured or not.

Accurately Price Customized Products

Retailers can choose to set up pre-defined pricing for specific variables. This will automatically calculate a total price based on the frame’s base price and the upcharges selected. Pre-defined pricing ensures sales associates are providing accurate information for an exceptional customer experience. It also helps customers stick to customizations within a specified budget.

Create Purchase Orders with Defined Customizations Automatically

When a sales associate completes a Special Order at the point of sale, a purchase order can be automatically generated. This ensures nothing falls through the cracks. STORIS’ Special Order software collects all of the information needed for vendors to properly manufacture the order. The correct execution of a special order product ultimately ensures customer satisfaction.

The receipt printed for the customer will denote their customizations. You can ask the customer to sign off to ensure expectations are aligned before beginning production.

Report on the Performance of Special Order Products

Reporting empowers retailers to monitor the performance of your Special Order program to ensure revenue, margin control, and profitability exceed your business goals. Reporting on popular Special Order SKUs or trending customization choices helps develop your merchandising strategy. This can determine the ideal floor samples to include in your showrooms or product photography to promote online.

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Technology for Special Order Success

STORIS’ Special Order technology enables retailers to meet the specific needs of a wider range of customers. When customizing a Special Order product with STORIS, you can streamline the design process which will be appreciated by both your customers and sales team.

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