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Furniture Website Design and UX Services

Furniture Website Design for eSTORIS

eSTORIS offers advanced integration across your technology, making it a powerful eCommerce platform for furniture retailers behind the scenes. To accompany our back-end solutions, our professional furniture Website Design and User Experience (UX) Services provide expert guidance to create a captivating home furnishings website and impactful customer experience.

eCommerce Website Design
  • Design a furniture website that is tailored to your business goals and aligns with your brand.
  • Optimize your User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design to create an intuitive experience.
  • Organize your site's navigational structure to guide your eCommerce path to purchase.
  • Create beautiful interior pages to showcase your products and collections.
  • Improve your mobile usability and responsive design as mobile takes over as the device market leader.

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Need help building your eCommerce website to sell furniture? eSTORIS eCommerce Design Services support you in creating an engaging website and growing your online business.

eSTORIS UX Design Services

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Homepage Design

75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on its website design alone. (Taylor & Francis Online) Your homepage sets the tone to your home furnishings website. An impactful furniture homepage web design conveys your brand’s value proposition above the fold, tells its unique story, and guides customers along their shopping journey. STORIS’ expert Design Team will work closely with your brand to create an elevated homepage design that will inspire users to stay and shop on your site.

Single Page Design

A page’s layout performs best when it is optimized for the type of content being displayed. A strong page influences the actions you want the user to take. From category and product pages to store locators and customer accounts, each page serves a distinct purpose. It’s these individual pages that build your online furniture store. With this service, our furniture eCommerce Design Professionals will create a single page design that can be used as a unique page or as a template for a page type. This service is a strategic way to make the most of your critical interior pages.

Navigation Experience Optimization

The logical organization of your site’s content is critical to user experience. Navigation not only helps your customer maneuver your site, but it also helps Google crawl and rank your content. This service includes a visual sitemap proposing a navigation structure for both desktop and mobile. The goal is to guide the user through your website by reducing clicks to cart, lowering bounce rate, and increasing conversions. Our furniture website Design Team will use Google Analytics data to make strategic recommendations.

Mobile Experience Optimization

The majority of searches occur on a mobile device, making the responsive design of your furniture eCommerce website a top priority. Your furniture website development must be visually pleasing and intuitively functional on mobile phones to win over customers. This professional service ensures that your desktop design translates beautifully to mobile devices by performing quality assurance testing on your Top 10 trafficked pages. Optimizations will include resizing elements, enlarging Call to Action buttons (CTAs) for optimal touchpoints, spacing elements to reduce user frustration, and re-organizing segments of your website.

Furniture Website Template Direction

Choosing a furniture website template guides the overall aesthetic and functional layout to build a website for furniture retail. With the Template Direction Service, our eCommerce Team will provide creative direction on the template for your eSTORIS website and create a mockup for your website using the recommended template. This Design Service kicks off with a discovery call so that our designers can guide their recommendations alongside your brand’s strategic vision.

Supplemental Marketing Support

Branded assets can set your website apart from the competition. In this Design Service, our team will create custom graphic assets such as hero images, marketing banners, and on-page elements to complete the look of your site. Our team can also build email marketing templates and trigger alerts. These can be used for marketing automation efforts on your eSTORIS website to trigger communication based on customer activity. We will help you strategize digital marketing elements that build your online furniture store to appeal to your customers.

Style Guide

Our Designers work with your brand to create a digital, web-based Style Guide to help your team maintain a consistent aesthetic across your website in order to help increase brand loyalty. This includes standard logos, brand colors, web typography, user interface elements, iconography, image sizing, mobile responsive breakpoints, form design, and header and footer styling. The Style Guide provides access to downloadable assets, code snippets, and instructions on how to implement design standards.

User Experience (UX) Audit

Great design balances form and function. Our User Experience (UX) Audit provides retailers with a collection of insights based on observed evidence to become an expert furniture website builder. It helps support future design plans and provides specific metrics that can be used in future website development efforts. Our expert UX Designer will audit your website guided by the knowledge of your business goals and user objectives. The audit will review metrics, analyze the user flow, and uncover usability issues that may be hindering your online shopping experience. This information can help you respond to potential pain points and identify action items for future development.

Customer Journey and Experience Maps

In an experience economy, customer experience is a business’ competitive advantage. This Design Service provides two options to help retailers step inside the minds of key personas. A Customer Journey Map is a visual representation of an individual user and their step-by-step experience through your website, helping your business better understand your customers’ actions and uncover any issues they might be experiencing. A Customer Experience Map is a visual representation of the holistic experience of several types of customers using your website. With this process, retailers can understand how various customers use your website differently to achieve their individual journey goals. These services will pinpoint opportunities to design a cohesive, unified shopping experience for your customers.

The 12 Step Guide to Designing a Furniture Website

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