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eBridge Commerce: Website API Interface

Retail Website Integration to STORIS

STORIS' eBridge Commerce is a modern website integration solution. Our API architecture provides a flexible and secure development environment for home furnishings and appliance retailers to connect their chosen website platform to STORIS' retail solutions. With eBridge Commerce:

STORIS eBridge Commerce Website API Interface
  • Enable real-time integration of your retail website and STORIS’ transactional database
  • Create a consistent website and brick & mortar brand experience
  • Utilize a sleek API platform to build your cross-channel integrations
  • Take advantage of STORIS' eCommerce enhancements on your chosen web platform
  • Maintain accurate inventory, customer, and sales information in real-time
  • Increase cross-channel revenue by providing data continuity

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Modern API Architecture for Website Integration

STORIS has reimagined its API (Application Program Interface) architecture. We’ve collaborated with our valued partner, Rocket Software, to launch a new technology stack known as a MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS). Our API interface provides a user-friendly environment for developers to build API connections to the STORIS database. Through eBridge Commerce web developers can realize faster time to market for new eCommerce features. Detailed Swagger documentation is provided for your developers to execute the integration.

Aligned eCommerce Development to STORIS

eBridge Commerce is developed with parallel functionality to STORIS’ eCommerce solution. Newly available APIs will be routinely added to the platform alongside STORIS’ eCommerce product roadmap. This is an exciting benefit of eBridge Commerce that enables all home furnishings retailers to build seamless customer experiences and achieve Unified Commerce. Developers can use eBridge Commerce APIs to create functional connections from their website platform to STORISin-store POS and mobile devices.

STORIS' eCommerce Solution Options

eBridge Commerce gives retailers the ability to choose an eCommerce solution that is right for their digital strategy or maintain the existing third-party website they have invested in while benefitting from STORIS integration capabilities. While the eSTORIS platform is developed and maintained by our STORIS team, eBridge Commerce provides APIs for a retailer’s in-house development team or web partner to build and retain their website integration. Retailers can learn more about both solutions to determine which best suits your business’ unique requirements. eBridge Commerce requires STORIS Release 10.4+.

Seamless Data Integration

eBridge Commerce enables streamlined integration between your store and web channels. This includes the sharing of key data such as customers, inventory, pricing, shopping carts, and sales orders.  By integrating channels, retailers can holistically manage their customer experience. To reflect today’s shopping behavior, your customers can conveniently create shopping carts, check their order status, and manage their accounts from the comfort of their homes.

Real-Time Inventory Integration

eBridge Commerce enables online home furnishings shoppers to see current inventory availability and consistent pricing. The inventory integration saves your team time and manual effort by automatically displaying the latest stock details and availability. On their website, retailers can merchandise by collections, product families, and kits based on their STORIS inventory formations. “On Display” information can also be communicated to customers browsing online and shopping in-store. Via eBridge Commerce, retailers can use Product Catalogs to populate their website content.

Order Fulfillment and Logistics

Retailers can provide accurate product availability using STORIS’ Available to Promise (ATP) and Available to Customer (ATC) data for their web inventory. By referencing the customer’s zip code, anticipated fulfillment dates can be displayed to the customer. STORIS’ Logistical Scheduling Calendars will accurately inform when those items can be scheduled for delivery to meet customer expectations. As product availability is a key decision-making factor, accurately showcasing this information on your website is valuable to your customers.

Sales Orders & Payment Processing

Through the connection provided by eBridge Commerce, your customers’ eCommerce Sales Orders and Quotes can be retrieved and completed in your STORIS POS. Retailers can integrate their payment processing for online orders including applicable taxes, delivery fees, and deposits. Promotion codes managed in STORIS can be applied to online orders on your third-party website to orchestrate the same sales across channels. Additionally, retailers can offer the ability to apply financing to their eCommerce Sales Orders through eBridge Commerce.

System Adminstration & Security

eBridge Commerce offers a user-friendly System Administration area for your developers. Your System Admins can control secure access to your website’s APIs by inviting individual users. eBridge Commerce records detailed logs for the STORIS Technical Support Team to be able to support the integration as needed.

Endpoint Hosting

STORIS provides scalable endpoint hosting with top-tier security and related system services for our retailers utilizing STORIS’ eCommerce solutions. We guarantee network uptime and premium quality bandwidth. Our team also provides comprehensive performance monitoring including server health maintenance and tracking.

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