Data Mining Now in the Cloud

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What Is A Data Warehouse (DW)?

A Data Warehouse is a computing environment that collects data from a software system. The software system is the point of entry for the data. With a Data Warehouse, information is stored separately with the purpose of running advanced analytical applications and user queries. A Data Warehouse separates data used for business intelligence (BI) purposes from transactional data. This is a big difference that Data Warehouse has over other BI tools, because the data is segmented and static, as it is extracted and preserved outside of the transactional environment.

Data Warehouse For The Cloud

Historically, Data Warehouses required the company to be running their software in a server environment and then have a separate server to host their Data Warehouse. With recent changes in technology, Data Warehouse is able to be hosted in a cloud environment. In addition, retailers on a multi-tenancy cloud can use the new DW structure to pull data from their environment only.

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What Is SQL?

Data Warehouse uses SQL as its technical language. SQL stands for Structured Query Language, a standard language for relational database management systems. SQL information is stored in tables. Tables are uniquely identified by their names and are comprised of columns and rows. The query is used to retrieve selected data that matches the criteria that you specify. Operators are added to queries to determine results. Retailers with SQL knowledge can write their own reports for Data Warehouse or STORIS SQL experts are available to write reports for you. (IT Business Edge)

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Data Warehouse Gives You The Ability To…

  1. Mine large volumes of data quickly and efficiently, without impacting the speed of your transactional database
  2. Build user-defined analytical queries to uncover the intelligence you need for your business goals
  3. Provide analytical insights that can monitor key performance indicators and increase productivity across all areas of your business
  4. Access a wide selection of data files with flexibility
  5. Magnify specific detailed areas of your business that require attention
  6. Drill down through multiple levels of data files
  7. Run customizable reports and SQL queries unique to your business needs
  8. Set up reports to run automatically by your desired schedule
  9. Use SQL compliant tools including Microsoft’s Services & Map Point
  10. Scale your company’s business intelligence capabilities as you grow
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Now Available From STORIS

STORIS has been providing Data Warehouse to server clients for over ten years. We are excited to now offer this same great business intelligence product to retailers using STORIS’ cloud platform at an affordable subscription-based price. In addition, to support the effective use of DW, STORIS offers multiple training curriculums ranging from Beginner to Advanced SQL. This training provides a comprehensive understanding of STORIS’ file structure with specifics in creating additional SQL queries.

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