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Summer Olympics: The Finals

It was a balmy August day for the STORIS Olympics final round. As the USA divers and gymnasts were competing in Rio, STORIS employees geared up for their challenges in Mt. Arlington, NJ. The last five events proved who would take the top spot and who fell short in the competition.

Human pool

Mint Condition’s AHA Photo

The first event took place early in the day. AHA (Aerial Human Art) was a mystery event that challenged teams to come up with shapes or scenes to be photographed from above. A team of unbiased voters determined who had the best scene. Mint Condition came in first place with their version of billiard cues. Orangina created an outdoor floral arrangement and came in second place. The Game of Theories rounded out the top 3 with their rendition of the Sistine Chapel.

playing human foosball

Human Foosball

Foosball was taken to a whole new level with Human Foosball, the outdoor event that turned the popular table game into a real life challenge. Players had to hold onto PVC pipe bars while trying to kick the ball past the opposing team’s goal line. In the end, Game of Theories took first place, followed by the STORRIORS.  Hot Shots! and Iron Thrones tied for third.

Drone Racing was an indoor event that challenged players to fly mini drones around the cafeteria with the goal of making it through obstacles. This proved to be a difficult event because it took both strategy and speed. Purple Reign won the race, while STORRIORS took second and Game of Theories and Identity Thieves landed in third.

Riding a rubber duck at Slip N' Flip

Slip N’ FLip

Flamingos, swans and alligators, oh my! Slip N’ Flip was the second outdoor event of the day. Players raced down a slip n’ slide on animal inspired pool tubes with full cups of water. The challenge was to fill your bucket the fastest and be the first team to complete a flip cup challenge. Game of Theories dominated once again and STORRIORS slid into second place. Hot Shots! and Mint Condition tied for third place.

Last but not least, Deal of Fortune combined trivia with luck of the draw. Players were asked to flip over a playing card and answer random trivia questions. One random card in their deck was chosen to be the “Golden Egg.” The object of the game was to have the most valuable card as the golden egg. The dealer tempted players with deals consisting of random amounts of points. If you took the deal, you were no longer able to answer the questions. Game of Theories was the winner, with Orangina in second. Mint Condition and Purple Reign tied for third.

After tallying up scores from all three days of the games, Game of Theories was a clear winner with 57 total points. Their prize is, of course, bragging rights, along with a complimentary day off. STORRIORS took second place and The Iron Thrones third.

The STORIS Olympics have come to a close, which means the end of summer is near. The event is a great way for our company to participate in events that foster teamwork. We look forward to continuing the tradition in years to come.

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