New Release of eSTORIS eCommerce Platform Now Available

November 2nd, 2018 by the STORIS Marketing Team

STORIS has introduced the latest framework upgrade to our eSTORIS platform. Enhancements in eSTORIS 4.1 span functional areas including Order Management, Merchandising, Discounting, Customer Reviews, Content Management, and Security.

“We are committed to consistently update our integrated eSTORIS platform with significant enhancements. eSTORIS is designed to help retailers deliver a Unified Customer Experience and we are pleased to introduce features that positively contribute to the customer journey,” stated eSTORIS’ Vice President of Application Development, Steve Ross.

In eSTORIS 4.1, consumers can use a website’s Customer Portal to view and manage all of their sales orders with a retailer, as well as check the status of their order fulfillment. This is regardless of whether they completed that purchase via the website or in the retailer’s showroom. This gives the customer a 360-degree view into their account.

Other enhancements support discounting logic. The ability to display strikethrough pricing on both the category listing and product details page has been added. Further, to enact discounting, Boolean Logic has been added to create “AND” and “OR” discounting rules.

Content-driven website features are as important as the product. They are part of a digital marketing strategy that allows a retailer to set their brand apart. Customer Generated Reviews are a strong way to add unique content to a website and promote product conversions. In 4.1, retailers have enhanced functionality around the platform’s product review capabilities.

A valuable addition is the ability to only allow a verified customer to leave a review on the product, adding a layer of authenticity. Retailers can also choose to set multiple unique attributes that customers can leave a star rating for such as quality or value. Additionally, retailers have more control over their reviews with the ability to review comments before posting and reply to customer comments. They can also choose to notify the customer when their response has been posted, increasing engagement.

Administration is also more dynamic in the new Content Management System (CMS) of eSTORIS. The CMS allows end-users to operate the back-end of a retailer’s website. Based on the user’s login, they can see basic or advanced modes across category, checkout, vendor, and other administrative functionalities. This is designed to help with training and workflow efficiency for website contributors.

Finally, eSTORIS platform security and compliance with PCI DSS requirements is of the utmost importance. Updates in 4.1 pertaining to system passwords include configurable system settings for periodic re-logins, 90-day expirations, limitations around re-use of previous passwords, and lock-outs after attempted log-in fails. Control parameters around these security functions are now options available to system administrators.

“In just two years, eSTORIS has been adopted as the eCommerce platform of Top 100 leaders including American Furniture Warehouse, W.S. Badcock Corporation, and Haynes, among many other retail partner websites we are proud to support. We are energized by the growth of eSTORIS in this short time and look forward to rolling out new functionality to our valued partners,” Kaitlin Deane, Sr. Manager of eCommerce.

These are just a few of the 40 total features that retailers using eSTORIS will gain in the new 4.1 Release. Additionally, eSTORIS is now certified to use PayPal as a standard payment entry method. You can learn more about STORIS and our integrated eCommerce platform here. eSTORIS product demonstrations are available today.

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