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The STORIS Olympics Part I

STORIS team participating in company Olympics


The STORIS Summer Olympics were created in 2006 and have been an anticipated summer activity for our company ever since. The goal is to foster an environment of teamwork and interaction between employees in different departments who don’t typically have the opportunity to work together. It’s also a way to enjoy some friendly competition, summer weather and fun.

We began our 9th annual Olympics on June 18th and it was survival of the fittest. Teams competed in four events, two indoor and two outdoor, on a gloomy day in Mt. Arlington, NJ.

Don’t Break the Ice challenged partners to work together in mastering the childhood game. But, there was a twist—the partner in charge of “breaking the ice” was blindfolded and had to rely on the other team member to guide them to success. After various rounds and eliminations, The Palindromes took first place, followed by Motley Crew in second. The Outlaws and Top Dawgs tied for third.

Participants made their way outside for the Marshmallow Sniper, a game that utilized homemade PVC pipe guns and mini marshmallows. The object of the event was to shoot as many marshmallows into buckets as possible. The challenge was that opposing team members positioned themselves as swatters, using their own man-power to keep the marshmallows away from the buckets. The Top Dawgs took the top of the leaderboard in this challenge, with the Agents of S.T.O.R.I.S. finishing second and the Palindromes and Ri$ky Business taking third. But, the games had only just begun…

Fast-forward to The Labyrinth, an indoor challenge requiring patience and skill. Players tried their best to move a marble down a maze, hoping to land in a hole with the most points. The intensity filled the air of the Board Room, tension could be felt by everyone in the area. In the end, Ri$ky Business took home first place, followed by Motley Crew in second, and Sandy Beaches and Top Dawgs taking third.

STORIS team participating in company Olmypics

The final event of the day was Go Gator, an outdoor game that used bounce platforms and precise aim. Teams tried their best to score big by tossing balls onto the platform and into holes. Other team members were waiting to run across the finish line, careful not to drop the balls placed between their knees. Top Dawgs took first place once again, with The Palindromes in second and The Outlaws and Ri$ky Business tying for third.

As it stands, Top Dawgs are in first place with 20 points total. Not far behind are The Palindromes with 16 and Ri$ky Business with 13. However, there are two more Olympic events this summer and anything can happen…stay tuned for an update of the Olympics Part II in mid-July.

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