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Manual Processes

As a retailer who completes all processes manually, you may be reluctant to change. You may not think you need software to complete the tasks that you do by hand. But, technology can be a great advantage to you for several reasons. In today’s competitive retail environment, it is important to utilize the tools you have at your disposal. Learn about four ways technology can improve your business operations.

Save Time & Money: Creating sales orders, keeping track of merchandise and scheduling deliveries are all processes necessary to your daily operations. Think about how much time you’d save if you weren’t writing each sale by hand. Having a customer database at your fingertips allows you to quickly look up customer information and purchase history. Pull up a screen and convert a sales quote to an order in a matter of seconds. Avoid making customers wait for long lengths of time by having an automated system to check them out. Your customer may even be inspired to purchase more, or come back for another item, because the shopping experience was positive. In the long run, you will save both time and money by having a reliable and intuitive software solution replace a pen and paper or excel spreadsheet.

Avoid Manual Errors: Having a software system do the legwork for you will reduce the chance of manual errors that can be detrimental to your business. Unclear handwriting, lost files and incorrect calculations are all small mistakes that can have large consequences. With a software system, each process will be tracked and accounted for so you can avoid scrambling through a pile of paper to find answers. Utilize accounting capabilities within your software to ensure numbers are always right. Not having to rely on human calculations will take a weight off of your shoulders and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Accurately Track Inventory: Inventory is one of a furniture retailer’s most valuable assets, making proper inventory management a crucial factor in your success. Are you completing inventory counts by hand? Are you always unsure if the numbers are right? Maybe you are even unconfident about what pieces of merchandise have left the building and what you still have in stock to sell to a customer. Software with inventory management capabilities allows you to get rid of the guess work. Utilize tools like demand forecasting, automated replenishment and barcoding to achieve a firm handle on your items, allowing you to be aware of what you have and what you need.

Heighten the Customer Experience: Let’s face it—today’s shoppers love technology. Your customers will be impressed if you can sit down with them on a showroom couch and discuss product information and pricing from a tablet. They will be happy that their search can begin online with your integrated eCommerce website, which tells them not only pricing and details, but whether or not your product is available to order. You can even share shopping carts between in-store and online. Sealing the sale is easy with a dependable point of sale. Having software is not only convenient for you, it will make the customer’s experience that much more enjoyable. In a world where people rely on instant gratification, you will find yourself ahead of the competition if you are using innovative technology to go the extra mile.

Technology is a great tool to utilize as a retailer in today’s world. Although you may think your manual processes are working, you may be missing out on valuable advantages that come with using software. Make your job as a retailer easier and the customer experience better by utilizing a software solution that fits your business needs.

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