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The Future of Brick and Mortar Stores

Future Furniture Store

What will the role of brick and mortar stores be to consumers as eCommerce solutions and mobile technology continue to grow? What is going to motivate consumers to drive across town to visit a furniture store within the window of open hours and shop when they can do so from their home at any time?

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STORIS Olympics 2017 Round 1

STORIS 2017 Olympic Games

The first round of games for the 2017 STORIS Summer Olympics have come to a close. Eight teams came to work hungry and eager to compete. The STORIS Olympic Games are held annually to encourage positivity, team building and fun throughout the company!

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Rethink Your Approach to Retail

STORIS Named to Feedspot's Top 100 Retail Blogs

Technology has changed the way we can interact with the consumer. Have you thought of innovative ways to enhance your business strategies to improve your customer experience? We highlight 3 ways we can help you reinvent your retail approach.

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