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Summer Olympics: The Final Events

The final round of the STORIS Olympics took place on August 20th. It was the last chance for teams to prove themselves and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard. This round featured challenges like H20 Pong, Chung’s Task Challenge, Barcode Hunt and Ping Pong Dodgeball. The much-anticipated Lip Sync Finale featuring Top Dawgs and Agents of STORIS.

Barcode Hunt was the first game featured in the Summer Olympics’ third installment. The challenge was to guide a remote controlled race car to a mystery box in order to scan the barcode placed on it. The team with the fastest time won. Top Dawgs took the top spot, while the Outlaws took second and Malwificents and Motley Crew tied for third.

H20 Pong pitted two against two as teams competed to get the most ping pong balls into the cups of their challengers. The game even featured “Celebrity Shots” where a member from another team could sub-in to make an attempt. In the end, The Palindromes proved to be the best of the best, taking first place. Sandy Beaches came in second and Ri$ky Business rounded out the top three.

Olympics teamPing Pong Dodgeball took place in the pouring rain, but was still an exhilarating event. Styrofoam balls were released from air guns and the object was to hit your opponent as quickly as possible. Once your gun was unloaded, you could try your luck at Toss Across, a game that uses bean bags in a game of tic-tac-toe. Ri$ky Business took first, with Sandy Beaches in second and Top Dawgs and Palindromes tying for third.

Chung’s Task Challenge was moved indoors due to inclement weather. The game started off with players being given a baton and a sling back in order to carry items throughout the event. Along the way, participants completed tasks like Kan Kram, Putting Challenge and Bean Bag Toss. Malwificents won this event, with Motley Crew in second and Agents of STORIS and Ri$ky Business tying for third.

We also cEmployees in field playing the final round of the Summer Olympicsompleted the last round of Doug’s Mystery Event, a carry-over from the second day of the Olympics. Doug’s team, Top Dawgs won this one. Motley Crew took second and Agents of STORIS and Ri$ky Business took third.

The main event of the day was the Lip Sync finals. With a packed crowd, Agents of STORIS performed first, with a medley of songs “Through the Decades.” From The Beatles to the B-52s, and Tina Turner to Britney Spears, they pulled out all the stops for this performance. Top Dawgs also gave it their all, putting on a production of “Werewolves of London” (complete with full werewolf costumes and a full skit). In the end, Agents of STORIS won over the crowd and took top prize.

After the day was done, scores were tallied from all three days of the Summer Olympics. Top Dawgs proved to be unbeatable, with a total of 53 points. The Palindromes took second with a cool 38 points, and not far behind was Ri$ky Business with 36. With scores and rankings aside, this three-day event was a great bonding experience for all STORIS employees. We all stepped outside of our element to become team players, show our competitive sides and have some fun. Now, we are hanging up our costumes and cleats, putting away the ping pong balls and obstacle courses and waiting patiently for next summer’s games.

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