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Summer Olympics 2016: Round 2

The tables turned after the second round of the STORIS Olympics; the leader board shuffled around significantly. Although a major storm was in the forecast for Olympics day, we made all 4 events happen before a raindrop hit the ground. Two indoor and two outdoor events took place and proved that anything could happen in only one day.

The first event of the day was Slip N’ Slide Shuffleboard, pairing a childhood favorite with a classic game. Players slid down the tarp “shuffleboard” on snow tubes, trying to get to the furthest position without falling off. Opposing teams were allowed to knock the other players’ tubes off the tarp in order to gain more points. The first team to get to 21, or the one with the highest score at the end of 15 minutes, won. Although many teams developed good strategies early on in the game, the Hot Shots! ended up knocking everyone else out of competition. The Game of Theories came in a close second.

Summer Olympics Slip N' Slide

Extreme Cornhole was happening simultaneously on the lawn. Players had to throw from 40, 30 and 20 feet, with the object of the game being to get all 4 cornhole bags in the hole before the opposing team. Some teams were knocked out right away, while others tested their throwing skills by playing multiple rounds. The STORRIORS took the top spot in this challenge, with The Iron Thrones finishing in second place.
Summer Olympics team building food tower

The indoor games proved to be intense, requiring both knowledge and skill.  Playing With Food sounded like a fun pastime from our younger years, but was actually a challenge to see which team could make the tallest and sturdiest structure in only 12 minutes. Players were allowed to use food items like Oreos, marshmallows and spaghetti to make a masterpiece. Teamwork played a large role in the success of this game. In the end, The Iron Thrones had the best and tallest tower, while the STORRIORS landed in second place with their impressive building skills.

Last but not least was Twisted Tunes, a game that challenged the mind and tested the knowledge of music and lyrics. The background music and melody of one song was paired with the lyrics of another to create a confusing tune. Teams had to guess both titles of the songs to gain a point. Each round was long, and at times, arduous for all players involved. In the end, Mint Condition took the top spot as The Iron Thrones fell to second place in the finals.

Overall, the second day of the STORIS Olympics was a success, despite unpredictable weather conditions. After all four events were completed, scores were tallied and the leaderboard saw a significant change. The Iron Thrones currently hold the top spot in the entire competition with 32 total points. The Game of Theories have fallen to second, but still have 29 points. The STORRIORS and Hot Shots! managed to work their way up to tie for the third position with 25 points each. There is one more competition left in August that will determine the winner of it all. Stay tuned!Team high five

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