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Summer Olympics 2016: Round 1

The STORIS Summer Olympics were back and better than ever. The games began mid-June and consisted of two indoor and two outdoor events. It was a beautiful day for the Olympics, which are organized every year to foster positivity and teamwork throughout the company.

Wii Tennis proved to be a challenge for some and a walk in the park for others. Teams of two were pitted against each other to see who had the best swing and team strategy. In the end, Identity Thieves stole the leader board, making it to first place, with the STORRIORS coming in second.

Employees playing waterball dodgeball

The Iron Thrones Playing Waterball Dodgeball

Oh My Gods! was an indoor board game that tested not only skill, but memory, quickness and wit. The object of the game was to use playing cards with clues to figure out who the mystery God was. Players who dressed the part, as either a God or Goddess, were awarded the first turn. The game got intense, but The Iron Thrones never lost their cool. They took the top spot in this event, with Hot Shots! coming in close second.

STORIS employees playing water dodgeball

Team Hot Shots!


The games were then taken outdoors for Foot Volley, a challenge that combined volleyball and soccer into one original sport. The object was to keep the ball up and over the net without using any hands. Some players proved more skillful with their feet than others, and the Game of Theories team was the most successful of them all. They beat out the Identity Thieves in the final showdown to claim first place.

The last event was Waterball Dodgeball, an intense game of the classic childhood sport. This game had a twist, with one player being assigned as a secret “doctor.” That person could tag any of their teammates back into the game to keep it going. Players were ducking, jumping and dodging to keep themselves in the game. But, only the Game of Theories came out on top, once again. Hot Shots! gave them a run for their money, landing in second place.

STORIS employees playing volley ball

The Game of Theories (on the right) Took the Top Spot in Olympics Round 1

At the end of the day, all scores were tallied to determine the leader board. It was no surprise that Game of Theories took the #1 overall spot, with Identity Thieves for 2nd place and Hot Shots! for 3rd. There are two more event days to follow, which means it’s still anyone’s game. Stay tuned for July’s recap to see who claims top spot in the next round.

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