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STORIS Summer Olympics Pt. 2

July 23rd was the date set for our second part of the STORIS Summer Olympics 2015. To the contrary of June’s Olympics date, it was a day with warm weather, sunshine and hardly any clouds. The spirits were high and the competition was fierce. Four events were planned and a mystery game was thrown in last minute, rounding it out to five activities for the day. The competition started after lunchtime with the mystery event, Spikeball, followed by Cranium, Croquet, Kickball and the most popular event, Lip Sync Battle Royale.

Spikeball, hosted by Doug Culmone, consisted of mini volleyballs being spiked at trampoline-like nets. The object of the game was the keep your ball on the net without allowing it to hit the ground. The game got intense quickly, with two players from each team competing against another two. In the end, Top Dawgs and Motley Crew took first. The Agents of STORIS and Ri$ky Business tied for second. The finals of this game will take place in August.

Cranium was a board game filled with mixed activities, from sculpting objects out of clay to answering trivia questions. Players were forced to complete their tasks by the time sand filtered through the hourglass. The Malwificents took the top of the leaderboard with first place, while The Palindromes took second. The Top Dawgs rounded out the top three teams for this challenge.

Teams returned outdoors for the third event, a good-old game of croquet. All players were in a competitive spirit, but there could only be one winner. The Outlaws took first place, followed by Ri$ky Business in second and The Palindromes and Agents of STORIS tied for third.

Kickball took us back to our days on the playground, but with a beach ball twist. Teams battled it out on the lawn and effort was intense. Sandy Beaches proved to be the best, followed by the Top Dawgs in second and Agents of STORIS and Motley Crew tied for third.

Last but not least, the most entertaining event of the day, the Lip Sync Battle Royale. Teams were challenged to bring their A games and star-studded talent for this challenge. The rules required at least three people from each team, a catchy tune and the ability to lip sync to all of the lyrics. The crowd saw costumes, props and top-notch lip syncing skills. After two rounds, the Agents of STORIS and Top Dawgs won the second heat, with performances of Grease Lightning and Ring of Fire, respectively. These teams will complete in August for the final challenge.


As it stands, the Top Dawgs are in the lead with 38 overall points. Trailing in second are the Palindromes with 26 points. Rounding out third place is Ri$ky Business with 23. The final scores will be revealed when the August games conclude.

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