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STORIS Olympic Games 2017 Final Round

It was a beautiful day for the final round of the 2017 STORIS Olympic Games.  Any team could win the title with four games and one mystery event left to be played.  Teams came to the office eager to compete as they knew they had one final chance to secure a victory.  The Kona Ice Truck stopped by as a special mid-day treat to keep teams hydrated and refreshed.  Below are the results…

The first event played was The Pool Noodle Javelin Throw, an obstacle course which involved pool noodles in ways you’ve probably never thought of before.  In the first obstacle each team had to throw a pool noodle into a hula hoop held by another team member.  Once completed, teams moved to the next obstacle where another player had to throw a noodle, from a distance away, into a designated square without it touching any of the lines.  The third obstacle involved a player placing 3 pool noodles in between their legs and transporting them to a nearby ball pit.  Next was a race to find each team’s chosen item in the ball pit and hand it off to their teammate for the final obstacle.   Standing a distance away, the final obstacle involved throwing a pool noodle at a life-size cut-out to knock it down and lastly, run through the finish line tape to win the event.  The Green Giants had a winning strategy to complete the obstacle course and take the title in this exciting event.

STORIS Olympic Games


Taladega Nights was an indoor event that involved skill, communication, and thinking outside of the box.  Each team was provided a Pinewood Derby Car Kit and had 20 minutes to assemble and decorate their car with provided supplies.  After each team finished, a panel of 5 judges were called in to determine which car had the best design.  Now it was off to the races!  Teams were randomly selected to race head to head on the pinewood derby track.  The winner was the team who won the best out of 5 races. But there was a catch!  The team with the higher design score automatically won the first race.  For the remaining 4 races, the losing team from the previous race selected their track first.  Even though the Underdogs came out on top with the best design overall, it was Dessert Storm who took the win with a remarkably fast car!

The second outdoor event, Das Ballspiel, had teams on their toes ready to battle.  Two teams competed to score the most points in a 7-minute round.  The offense team had to stand behind a line and either throw or kick a ball into pools, which each had different point amounts.  The closest pool to the offensive line was worth 1 point, the middle pool was 2 points, and the farthest pool was 3 points.  The offensive team also had the choice to run up and dunk the ball into a pool.  The opposing team stood on both sides of the pools with buckets of water dodgeballs and sponges.  Their objective was to throw the balls and sponges to deflect the balls from landing in a pool.  They could also peg the player attempting to dunk the ball, which sent that player back to their offensive line.  Many brave players attempted to make an ESPN Top 10 play of the week by completing a dunk, but instead ended up soaked from head to toe from sponges and balls thrown at them to freeze the play.  In the end, Sons of Pitches, defeated each of their opponents with great aim, strategy, and confidence.

The last indoor event played was Blind Trust, which, says it all in the title.  The object was for team members to guide their blindfolded teammate through an obstacle course, strictly through communication only.  Each blindfolded player wore a smartphone helmet mount and a support earpiece.  The other team members remained in a conference room, watching through a live feed from the smart phone.  The team with the fastest time out of 5 minutes won their heat and moved on to the next round.  The first obstacle was to guide the blindfolded player through our office hallways and enter our Sales and Marketing area.  They had to be instructed to walk toward a cabinet that contained a tray of bills and coins and successfully pick out a determined dollar amount.  Next, they had to walk back through the halls to the STORIS bank located by our sales bell.  Once they placed the money in the bank, they had to ring the sales bell which allowed them to move to the next obstacle.  Guided back through the halls, the blindfolded team mate had to enter our eCommerce area and place two chairs and a box into each of their designated spaces correctly.  Once completed, the clock stopped.  Dessert Storms made it through the obstacle course with the fastest time each round to take the win!

At last, it all came down to this year’s Mystery Event to be the deciding factor as 4 Olympic Teams were within more points of each other. This year’s Mystery Event was a Mannequin Challenge.  A 20 second video utilizing at least 4 members of each team had to be submitted by noon of Olympic Day.  With no restrictions (you know, within reason) teams had the freedom to think big and add their own creative flare.  In the end, The Reeders submitted the most innovative video to win the Mannequin Challenge.  Each player nicknamed after their favorite book, dressed up in character with award-winning poses to produce a video that advanced them to victory.  With the mystery event points added to each team’s total scores, The Reeders earned enough points to become Champions of the 2017 STORIS Olympic Games!  Dessert Storms finished in second place securing 3 victories in total and Sons of Pitch ended up in third with 2 wins and the most clever team name.  See you next year for our recap of the 2018 STORIS Olympic Games.

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