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STORIS Olympics 2017 Round 1

The first round of games for the 2017 STORIS Summer Olympics have come to a close.  On Wednesday, July 19th, eight teams came to work hungry and eager to compete.  Four Olympic Games were played, two indoor events, Fidget Spinners and Lego Build off, and two outdoor events, Watch Where You Step and Beach Ball Battle. It was a humid day with the temperature rising to a wicked 95 degrees, but that didn’t stop the teams from competing.  The STORIS Olympic Games are held annually to encourage positivity, team building and fun throughout the company!

The Fidget Spinner Obstacle Course proved to be a challenge for all teams.  While balancing a Fidget Spinner on one fingertip, team members had to perform an obstacle course and navigate throughout our office.  They each performed one task and then passed the spinner to the next teammate.  The trick was the fidget spinner had to stay in constant motion.  Each obstacle completed added a bonus while dropping the fidget spinner during the course added time to each team’s final score.  The game involved concentration, strategy and team work in order to finish the course in the fastest time with the least amount of deductions.  In the end, the Apex Predators came out with the win.

Watch Where You Step was a game solely based on trust and communication.  One by one, four different team members, blindfolded, had to walk from one side of the field to the other.  Sounds easy? Not quite.  The playing field was filled with landmines, which when stepped on, froze a player, and squeaky toys, which released the frozen player on the opposite team.  Each team member was guided by another teammate who could only use their voice to give them directions to make it to the opposite end of the field.  Once the fourth teammate completed the obstacle, they were guided towards a STORIS flag and had to place a star directly in the center of the STORIS “O”.  The team who completed the challenge and placed their star closest to the center of the “O” was announced the winner.  In the end, through the intensity and laughter, the Dessert Storm finished this challenge on top.


Beach Ball Battle was another fun, outdoor event that kept everybody on their toes.  One giant beach ball along with three regular size beach balls were placed in the center of the field.  Two teams battled one another, each guarding two lines of a square field.  The object of the game was to use dodgeballs and small soaker balls to hit and subsequently push the balls over the other team’s line.  The winner was the team with the most points after six rounds, Sons of Pitches.

The final indoor game played was Lego Build Off, a game that tested each team’s skills under pressure.  Teams had 14 minutes to build the tallest tower and create a very complex car using only Lego pieces.  Some team’s towers fell, while others rose to new heights.  The cars had to be built according to the specification instructions, every small piece put in the right position.  The room was silent and the teams were focused using strategy and skill to win their battle.  In the end, Green Giants took the top spot in this challenge.

At the end of the day, the scores were calculated to determine the leader board. Two teams tied for first place, The Apex Predators and The Reeders.  Sons of Pitches finished the day in second place, while there was another tie for third place between Dessert Storm and Green Giants.  The games are not over and anything is possible.  The teams are ultimately competing for bragging right (for an entire year) and the grand prize of a complimentary day off.  The final round of the STORIS Olympics will be held in August.  Stayed tuned for the results!



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