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Special Order Processing

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  1. Does your business model allow customers to order products outside of your standard lineup?
  2. Are you offering upholstery finishes or other customized merchandise selections?
  3. Do you have a team of designers working with customers to help them find the perfect match?

Technology is available to make configuring Special Order Products organized, streamlined, efficient and simple. Here are three technology solutions to achieve your unique special order strategies.

On the Fly SKU creation enables you to extend your product lineup by ordering products outside of your on-hand inventory. Leading technology makes this efficient for your sales team to facilitate during the POS order entry process. With “On-the-Fly SKU creation” your team can add the new product into your inventory with ease. This will generate a purchase order that links directly to the customer’s sale. It will maintain the organization of your information and reserve that item specifically for that sales order once the purchase order is approved by your merchandise team. If you decide that this product would also be a good fit for your regular assortment, the product can easily be converted to your standard line up.

True special order configuration occurs when a customer designs customized variations to a SKU or Frame that you carry in your inventory. By altering multiple options, such as those listed below, you can create a unique piece each time. Customers will be delighted with how effortless it is to design a truly special item for their home that allows them to exhibit their personal sense of style.Blue Sofa

  • Upholstery
  • Finishes
  • Color
  • Grade
  • Hardware
  • Piece Type

With optimizes Special Order creation through your Point of Sale, you can facilitate a streamlined design process that will be appreciated by both your customers and sales team. An easy-to-use screen prompts special order option fields based on the frame you chose, including an open text instruction box to notate every last detail to ensure the perfect product is delivered. Once complete, you automatically generate a Purchase Order that links to the sale. With the use of a forms designer, your customer’s receipt will print with the same requests to ensure expectations are met.

The Special Order Configurator: For businesses that commission designers, sell special order products on the majority of sales orders, have special order products with many options to choose, or have complex costing and pricing rules, this technology from STORIS can substantially benefit how you run your business. When you build products using a SO configurator, all of the available options are cataloged with pricing detail to ensure you are setting realistic cost and price expectations, delivery promises and most importantly a product that your manufacturers can successfully achieve.

Simple drop-down menus make processing organized and accurate. This tool automatically calculates the piece’s cost and selling price based on the options chosen. This method eliminates the possibility of user error and can dramatically expedite the sales order and linked purchase order creation process. This helps your business control your margins, no matter what type of transaction. With reporting options you can monitor the performance of your special order program to ensure profitability, sales volume, margins, and inventory movement all exceed your business’ standards.


How will your furniture retail business benefit from Special Order Processing?

  • Enhance processing efficiency with centralized configuration
  • Elevate your store’s shopping experience with streamlined design
  • Meet the specific needs of a wider range of customers
  • Exceed customer expectations with real-time option availability at the POS
  • Accurately price custom products with built-in costing information
  • Increase accuracy and reduce errors through drop-down menu selection
  • Report on the performance and trends of special order products
  • Create POs and sales receipts with product attributes automatically

A Proven Model for Special Order Success

“The STORIS Special Order Product Configurator allows us to build and price custom orders for our customers efficiently and accurately. This all-in-one tool centralizes configuration and is extremely user friendly for our sales team. We are confident that our customers are getting the product they want and a great retail experience. ” – Mike Bacon

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