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Prepare For Sale Season

As summer comes to a close, new selling opportunities are just beginning. Upcoming holidays will spark sales from Labor Day to Black Friday, and as a retailer, you should be prepared for the fast-paced selling season. Are you utilizing the tools you need to take on shoppers? Below, we explore five ways you can elevate your sale season.

  1. Discounting – Are you marketing your unique promotions? Discounting is an essential part of many retailer’s strategy. Over 90% of shoppers use a coupon or a discount code throughout the year. Utilize discounting tools to ensure your customers are receiving savings at the point of sale. Apply discounts based on the product or categories you choose and create your own discount codes based on percentage or dollar amount. It is important to manage how many different discounts are allowed on one sales order and who can apply them.
  2. Rebates and Warranties– Set up extended, special-coverage and factory warranties within your system. Extended and special-coverage warranties can be included on sales orders. You can also establish volume rebate plans offered by vendors. Rebate programs allow you to get better incentives from your vendors and warranties are a great add-on to a customer sale.
  3. Employee Up System – When the crowds are heavy, it is easy to lose track of every customer. But, attentiveness is important; almost 45% of US consumers switch to a competitor following a poor customer service experience (insightsquared). With an up system, you can provide your sale people with a lead strategy that ensures every buyer is helped from the moment they walk through the door. Let your employees know who is next in line to greet and assist a customer in an organized and efficient fashion.
  4. Promotion Codes– You don’t want sales to be a secret. You also don’t want to advertise the wrong discount on your showroom floor. Make your promotion processes efficient by creating promotion codes within your system that can be used and reused for future sales. Easily create hang tags using these codes to ensure your sale is marketed correctly throughout your store.
  5. Upselling Tools – It’s easy to add items onto a ticket when a sale is going on. Prompt your employees to offer additional items, such as the matching furniture or mattress protection, warranty, or accessory, to increase your profit. Your customers will already be delighted that there are discounts available, so they may be inspired to buy even more. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, leave it to your software system to give friendly reminders to your employees.

Summertime has come to an end, but the retail sale season is just beginning. Prepare your business for the activity coming your way by utilizing tools that will make your sales successful.

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