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4 Ways to re:imagine Your Business

Nationwide Primetime! has just wrapped up. You probably just returned to the office and got back to the daily routine of running your retail business. Hopefully you left Orlando with new ideas in mind, whether it be from seminars you attended or appliances you saw on the tradeshow floor. After attending the show, we came up with 4 tech-driven ways to share to help reimagine your business.

  1. Reinvent your web presence: It’s obvious that technology is a large factor in today’s retail landscape. You don’t want to fall behind on the times. Is your website eye catching and easy to use? You may want to invest more time and money into making sure it’s top notch. Don’t forget to consider factors like site page speed, SEO keywords, high-resolution graphics and content. Having a system that allows you to integrate your software to your website will also provide a more sophisticated online shopping experience.
  2. Go mobile: Are you wasting tons of time fact-checking information at your point of sale? Your customer may be waiting for you on the showroom floor while you walk away, which can decrease the chance of making the sale. With mobile solutions, you can have all the information you need right at your fingertips. Continue the conversation with your customer while finding out what you have in stock seamlessly on a mobile device.
  3. Get social: Let’s face it—the majority of people today are using some type of social media. This is another avenue for advertising (and free advertising at that). Test out different social channels to see what works best for you. You can also engage customers by running contests and having special giveaways as prizes. This will help to increase the traffic not only to your website, but to your brick and mortar locations.
  4. Do some spring cleaning on the showroom floor: It’s the perfect time of year to refresh your retail location with the newest and most popular items. Utilize reports to see what products are hot and what are not. Recognize trends to make sure your showroom stands out this season. Reports will also allow you to see what you should be marking down and moving out, so you can get rid of the old to make room for the new.

Nationwide Primetime! allowed attendees to re:imagine their business in various ways. We hope utilizing our 4 tech-driven tips will allow you to be even more successful when planning for your retail business’ future.

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