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Overcoming Fear Can Bring Positive Outcomes

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. – Jack Canfield

Have you ever regretted not doing something because you were afraid of what would happen? Whether it be interviewing for a job, avoiding airplanes or giving into superstitions, most people have fears that are difficult to conquer. Usually, when you face them, you end up happy that you took the risk.

Most often, fear is of change itself. You may not be afraid of buying a new house or starting a new career, but you could be anxious of how it will change your life. If Neil Armstrong was afraid of going to space, he would not have ever walked on the moon. If Thomas Edison had a fear of sharing his ideas, we may not have light bulbs or movie cameras. This holds true in business as well. You may be so used to your routine operations, the systems you are working with, and even the layout of your showroom, that you are apprehensive to try something new. But, often, change can be the best decision for your business.

As a software provider, we often hear the fear of implementation as an apprehension for many business owners. However, there are many reasons why the change is worth it and why people considering a change in software should not give in to fear.

  • What’s old won’t become new again – You may be holding on to a software that doesn’t work for you anymore just because you don’t want to go through a change. But, hanging on to something that isn’t beneficial will only make matters worse. Converting to a new system will have its challenges and will require time and effort, but the end result will be worth it for your business in the long run, especially if that system is a better fit.
  • You may be over-thinking the challenge – We tend to make matters worse in our own minds, overthinking all the “what-ifs.” More times than not, the challenge ahead is less frightening once we make the decision to go through with it. If you weigh the pros and cons, realize that the change is worth it and go through with the action, you have already overcome a major hurdle.
  • You’re not alone – A software provider’s job is not only to provide the technology, but the assistance you need to feel comfortable using it. With the right team of dedicated project managers, support technicians and client advocates, you will feel confident not only during implementation, but throughout your time using the software.

It is human nature to fear change, but overcoming fear is what fosters positive results. When choosing a new software provider, you may have apprehensions of implementation and just getting used to a new system overall. But, with a solution that

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