Release 4.1.4 Brings Third-Party Financing Option to eSTORIS Platform

April 1st, 2019 by the STORIS Marketing Team

New features introduced in STORIS’ eSTORIS Platform Release 4.1.4 are designed to bring cross-channel continuity between a retailer’s stores and website.

“The goal of the eSTORIS platform is to enhance the Unified Commerce experience and continually add functionality that correlates with an intuitive customer shopping journey,” stated Peter Dressler, STORIS’ eCommerce Technical Supervisor guiding the product management of eSTORIS.

In 4.1.4, financing payment options that customers have come to expect in-store are available during the online checkout. eSTORIS now offers the capability for a consumer to pay for their online order with a third-party finance provider. Customers who have a finance receivables account with a retailer will be able to view their available line of credit and use that third-party credit to tender their online order. Integration to the third-party finance provider ensures compliance through proper disclosures and credit checks. Further, security parameters exist to protect the customer throughout the online financing process.

For retailers offering in-house financing, eSTORIS’ credit application process is now integrated to Equifax’s InstaTouch Technology to facilitate an online credit check. This allows Equifax users to retrieve customer information based only on the customers’ zip code and the last four digits of their SSN. This serves as a fraud check validating the data with the information in STORIS. The customer must first provide consent to use their personal information before the application is populated.

Other features available in eSTORIS 4.1.4 facilitate the value of the website to in-store sales teams, such as the “Select a Salesperson” option for carts created online. This allows the customer to select a salesperson if they shop online, even if a shopping cart was not first created in-store. This enhancement helps the retailers to recognize and attribute the value of their sales associates, even if the revenue comes in through their online channel.

Finally, a website remains critical for driving traffic through a retailer’s doors. Customers can now view a list of all nearby showrooms that have a floor sample of the customer’s desired product on display for viewing. The showrooms will default to rank by geographic proximity to the customer’s specified zip code. The user interface includes each showrooms’ hours and directions for easy information accessibility.

eSTORIS 4.1.4 is now available to home furnishings retailers. For information on eSTORIS, request a demo.

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