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STORIS Certifies Current Operating Systems

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STORIS Leading Retail Software Solutions announces the certification of STORIS software with Microsoft Windows® 10 Pro. This certification was performed on a 64-bit operating system and included both PC and touch-enabled devices, as well as various compatible hardware solutions.

STORIS prioritizes their clients’ ability to utilize the latest operating systems and hardware relevant to the industry.  Their goal is to make the transition to new products on the market seamless as it relates to using STORIS.

Melissa Ocampo, Senior Manager of Quality Assurance, stated that “STORIS has a rigid certification process to ensure that our software application, companion modules, third-party integrations, and compatible hardware function seamlessly.  This process is completed each time new technology is released to the public. Special attention is given to AIX and Windows users on the most recent software releases, 9.5 and 9.6.”

Part of the certification process includes identifying potential processing issues that surface while using a new operating system.  If issues are discovered during quality assurance testing, the STORIS development team invests the necessary resources to address them before certifying the STORIS release for general distribution.

In addition to Windows® 10 certifications, STORIS has recently completed certification of QuickBooks 2016 Pro & Premier Editions. STORIS is also PCI PA-DSS certified and actively manages certifications of new releases.

STORIS believes in making a proactive effort to provide the best products and services to their clients by utilizing the most current supportive technologies on the market.

Melissa Ocampo also stated that “One of the key benefits of STORIS is our ability to integrate with many of our clients’ industry partners.  This is why it is so important to maintain full product compatibility with our partnered vendors.  Extensive effort is put into the certification process, which includes hundreds of hours amongst our development and quality assurance teams.”

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