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New Year Insights: Technology Trends of 2017

A new year brings a clean slate and a new chance for success and productivity. As a retailer, it is probably your hope to improve on the year before, make changes for the better and continue to practice what works for your business. Start 2017 off right by learning more about these technology trends:

Unified Commerce: Bound to be the 2017 “buzz word,” unified commerce is changing the way we look at all facets of retail business, from brick and mortar to eCommerce. Retailers recognize that there is a need to provide an integrated shopping experience, merging in-store and online into one unified brand. Companies are striving to achieve seamlessness by connecting their internet presence with what is happening in-store. One way to do this is with an integrated eCommerce website and software solution. Having your website link to your software allows for real-time updates online with accurate prices, discounts and availability all at an online shopper’s fingertips. This eliminates the issues that come with your brick and mortar operations being completely separate from your online sales. Stay on top of technology retail trends by rethinking your online retail presence.


Automation: Each year technology strives to be bigger and better. Significant improvements are made and we continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Yet, some retailers aren’t utilizing all of the tools readily available to them. The right software will allow your business to thrive while it eliminates much of the manual work you need to do. Inventory records, customer information, sales quotes and orders and reporting can all be done in your system without needing to do the extra work yourself. Let your software system do the work for you so you can focus on the other important strategic aspects of your retail business.

Mobility: We’ve all heard about the importance of mobile devices in all aspects of life. It is rare that you don’t see someone on the street without a mobile phone or tablet at any given time. Translate this into being a smart sales tactic in your retail location. Customers will be impressed when your salespeople can quickly find product information on the go, without having to pause the conversation to find a computer terminal. Create shopping carts while interacting with your customers and increase the chance of a larger sale. Even send the shopping cart to the customer so they can complete it in the comfort of their own home.

The New Year is the perfect time to reconsider business goals and catch up on the most recent and upcoming trends. Technology is always changing and it is important to stay current on the latest and greatest. Consider implementing these technology trends to find more success in the New Year.

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