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10 Steps for an ERP Software Implementation

A Guide to Making an ERP Furniture Software Implementation Simple


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We get it. The idea of switching your furniture retail software can be scary, like the thought of climbing a mountain. But what you may not realize is that when you partner with a company like STORIS, we make challenges that may seem daunting achievable. And the view from the top is always more rewarding than you could have ever imagined.


Here are 10 ways that STORIS’ experienced implementations team ensure your ERP conversion’s success.


1.) Defining Goals. Get the most out of your ERP system implementation.

Knowing what you envision from your new software is crucial to building a roadmap. Your implementations leader will work closely with your team to help you define project goals, listen to the needs of your unique organization, and use their industry expertise.



2.) Where do we begin? Building a project plan.

Every project is really a subset of smaller, manageable tasks. Our project managers use their insight to best segment the different tasks, define timelines, and assign individuals or teams to varying roles. These pieces become your project plan. They work to define a timeline that works best for the flow of the project and the efficient utilization of resources.


Famsa Logo“STORIS has been a key player in our business’ growth. Since implementation we have gone from 100 to 380 locations. That says it all. We’ve achieved consistency in the store execution and our inventory is under control. The sales process has been successful in efficiently managing millions of customers.”




3.) Data Conversion. Simple transition from one system to another.

You may have been using another software system or running your business manually for quite some time. One of the most common questions is, will I be able to use my historical data? STORIS has great tools to make the data transition as seamless as possible. We have simple, organized spreadsheets that map out existing data and put it in the right place in STORIS, so you can continue to run your business without missing a beat.




4.) Core Training. Get your organization ready to go.

At the start of your implementation, members of your organization that will work on the conversion attend core training. This gives you a full overview of STORIS’ highlights in an interactive setting. Core training is an important frame of reference for your project and sparks inspiration about how the software can work for you.




5.) Running Your Business. Completing your implementation without affecting performance.

Just because you are implementing new software, doesn’t mean your business stops. STORIS is here to enhance your business performance. You are not in the process alone. Our team is an active member in completing your project, allowing you to remain focused on selling and your business operations.

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“We selected STORIS because their technology has the capability to grow with our evolving business needs. Their implementations team has been superlative with knowledgeable personnel responding to all of our needs on a timely basis. STORIS has proven to be a great decision!”



6.) Daily Processes. Workflows of YOUR organization.

An important goal of implementing new software is finding ways to be more efficient. Your project manager understands the vision of what STORIS can do for your business. We model clients’ common day-in-the-life scenarios using outlines for process workflows that find the most effective ways to complete high-volume tasks.

STORIS has had a single, home-furnishings industry focus for over 30 years. Click To Tweet




7.) ERP implementation best practices. Taking advantage of industry expertise.

Our implementations team has an average tenure of 9 years, with experience implementing companies big and small. This includes leaders such as Ethan Allen, Ashley Furniture HomeStores, Bassett Furniture Industries, and more. Your business is in good hands with a team that understands ERP software implementation best practices from some of the industry’s most successful operations.




8.) Benchmarking Progress. Keeping along a successful path.

Transparency is key to a great implementation. Your project manager and your team will have open communication with regularly planned project updates to track milestones throughout the project and ensure positive progress.




9.) Webinars. Utilizing continuing education.

Members of your organization aside from those who work on STORIS’ implementation will need to use STORIS every day. We offer free, monthly virtual web training classes on all of the important modules in STORIS, which a great for training your staff and helping new hires.




10.) Go Live Support. A dedicated point of contract.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your STORIS implementation and are about to start processing live on the best ERP software in the industry. To help the transition go off without a hitch, your dedicated STORIS support point person is available to help you along the way. This focused individual is an easily accessible, valuable asset in the early days of using your new software.



Milestone Implementation Achievements

40+ Successful ERP Implementations Completed Annually
1500+ New STORIS Users Added Annually

  • Small-Tier average of 45 days compared to ERP industry standard of 3 months
  • Mid-Tier average of 6 months compared to ERP industry standard of 9 months
  • Enterprise-Tier average of 12 months compared to ERP industry standard of 18-24 months

Bassett Logo“We are very happy with STORIS’ implementation services and the way the application is serving our retail business. Retail prices controls are helping us achieve our margin goals, inventory accuracy and point of sale precision. We are seeing definite advantages we didn’t have in our previous software.”


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