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Is Your Business Protected from Credit Card Fraud?

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It has been 3 years since the United States Federal Government enacted new legislation around EMV liability changes.

As of October 2015, retailers have had the responsibility of certain fraudulent activity that happens in their store, if they are not compliant with liability changes set forth by the major credit card companies. To comply, retailers needed to instate EMV Credit Card Processing.

So, what is EMV Credit Card Processing? EMV or chip cards are the more secure credit cards that encrypt bank information making it far more secure than the old magstripe cards (SquareUp). This change is designed to make stealing personal data more difficult, which will protect consumers from theft.



Many retailers have adopted this change that protects their business from responsibility if fraudulent activity were to occur in their stores. If your business has not made the change, unfortunately, your business will be financially liable if a consumer’s personal information is stolen due to lack of protection. Previously the credit card companies would be at fault, but back on October 1, 2015, that fault shifted from credit card companies to the businesses that did not make the switch to EMV.


Since October 2015, 58.5% of businesses in the United States have adopted EMV (EMVCo). That means over 40% of companies are leaving themselves and their customers unprotected. One of the main goals of a business is to provide great customer service. Without EMV protection, consumers are at risk anytime they purchase an item from that retailer. Statistics show that since December 2015, in-store credit card fraud has dropped by 70%. At the same time, the number of businesses using EMV rose to 2.7 million (Visa). The more people who use EMV, the less fraud that will take place, since it is a more secure way of taking payment from a customer.


Retailers using STORIS’ current credit card processing can continue to work with their trusted financial partners and begin working with new ones. Customer service is a key value of STORIS and we want to keep our clients protected, so they can focus on building a strong business.

If you aren’t using EMV Credit Card Processing, it’s still important to consider for your business. To learn more about STORIS’ EMV Certified Credit Card Processing Integration or to get more information on EMV liability changes, contact STORIS today at 1.888.4.STORIS.

Written by Nikki Sarno, STORIS Marketing Specialist. A graduate of Flagler College, Nikki worked in media production for 4 years before joining STORIS.

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