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Our Industry’s Everyday Heroes

Safety of Home

As we all are spending more time than ever before in our own homes, we wanted to take this time to reflect on some of our industry heroes. Read more here.

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The Value of Repeat Customers

Repeat Sign

Understanding the advantages of earning repeat customers is the foundation for helping to grow your company. Here we dive into 7 strategies to kick start customer retention. Read more.

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A Retail Employee’s Dilemma: How To Avoid Disgruntled Customers

Lack of Inventory Management

The lack of an inventory management system led a sofa to be sold to two separate customers causing a negative in-store experience to erupt. Learn how to avoid this in our new blog.

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Tips from an Experienced Warehouse Trainer to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Warehouse Woes

Much of a delivery fulfillments’ success lies in the state of a retailer’s warehouse. Discover tips here.

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An Overview of Today’s SEO Best Practices

SEO Trends 2019

How can home furnishings retailers earn the top spot on Google rankings? Here are 5 key SEO trends for 2019. Read more.

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A Tale of Two Holiday Shopping Experiences

A Tale of Two Holiday Shopping Experiences

This holiday shopping season, I experienced two starkly different holiday shopping experiences. In this blog post, I highlight how technology can make or break a retail customer experience through two real-life examples that occurred over the holidays.

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