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Category Archives: Inventory

Concepts are Great, Execution is Better

Concepts Vs. Execution

In this blog, we provide 4 steps to nailing a new retail unified commerce experience to ensure you satisfy your customers.

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How Technology Could Have Prevented My Negative Shopping Experience

Tech Could Have Saved Negative Shopping Experience

Learn how a lack of technology for tight inventory control can make or break a consumer’s shopping experience and shape consumer perception of a brand.

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A Tale of Two Holiday Shopping Experiences

A Tale of Two Holiday Shopping Experiences

This holiday shopping season, I experienced two starkly different holiday shopping experiences. In this blog post, I highlight how technology can make or break a retail customer experience through two real-life examples that occurred over the holidays.

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Take Advantage of Technology

Manual Processes

In today’s world it is important to utilize the tools you have at your disposal. Learn about four ways technology can improve your business operations.

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Inventory Management with STORIS

Inventory Management

STORIS offers you the tools you need to keep tabs on your inventory and keep your business running smoothly.

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