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Marcelin’s Appliance Business Soars

Marcelin was operating on a software system that was over twenty years old. This system was archaic, hard to use and impractical. Marcelin employees found themselves entering everything manually, which was not the best use of their time. Without having any automation, purchase orders, along with many other processes, had to be created manually and uploaded into the system. As the company looked into the future, they knew they needed software that would provide the tools necessary to be more efficient and leave less room for human error.

After identifying their software as a pain point for their business, Marcelin knew they needed to make a change. While attending an association tradeshow, they were able to check out what STORIS had to offer. They were impressed with not only the product suite, but with STORIS’ ability to integrate with other vendors. As an appliance business, it was essential for them to have key functionality like delivery routing. Upon discovering the automation capabilities of STORIS, they knew the software would help to improve their operations in many ways.

Marcelin notes that the partnership STORIS provides is a great asset. They believe the support team is professional and prompt, and that the Client Advocacy Department is dedicated to checking in and building a strong partner relationship.

STORIS has made our business as a whole more efficient and accurate. We are confident that we will have continued success with STORIS.” – Shannon Marcelin

Luis and Shannon Marcelin

Luis and Shannon Marcelin


Marcelin’s biggest pain point was the amount of manual work they had to do with their previous software. When they converted to STORIS, Marcelin realized that everything they needed to do on a daily basis could be completed in the system. This saved them not only time, but the risk of human error.

Marcelin has seen improvements in customer satisfaction since being on STORIS. They are now able to produce sales quotes faster, enter information quicker and fulfill deliveries on promised dates. Profit and sales margins are easily seen within sales quotes and orders, which helps them get quotes out quickly. Marcelin believes they are ahead of the competition due to these factors.

Marcelin has a mantra about STORIS that they always use, “the system is always right.” Utilizing a system that excels at inventory control ensures that the numbers are always accurate and that merchandise is accounted for at all times. This gives them peace of mind in knowing that nothing is falling through the cracks.

Going along with the idea “the system is always right” Marcelin finds it simple to keep track of all numbers when it comes to the accounting side of the business. If they need to issue a return to a customer for a product the software shows the amount of money owed. This eliminates the issue of being inaccurate with their finances, which can easily happen without automation.

Marcelin is extremely happy with the fact that STORIS is not a closed system, but instead one that is able to interact with other vendors. It was one of the reasons they chose the software. For example, their delivery routing solution was easily integrated with STORIS, allowing them to have better hold on their logistics than ever before.

Marcelin noted that STORIS’ support team is top-notch, not only because of their advanced knowledge of the system and the industry, but also because of their dedication to answering questions in a timely manner.

STORIS is fabulous for small retailers. We have one store and one warehouse, but the system allows us to operate like a big box store in many aspects like inventory control and logistics. It is perfect for us. ” – Shannon Marcelin


Marcelin Home Appliance is a family owned and operated retailer based in Doral, FL. Celebrating their 40th anniversary in business, the appliance store has catered to valued customers throughout the southern Florida region since 1976.

Marcelin prides itself on being an authorized dealer of brands like Bosch, Gaggenau, Miele, Sub-Zero, Viking and more. Their employees are highly knowledgable about high-end appliance brands and custom kitchens.

Marcelin’s dedication to customer service and product offering sets them ahead of the competition and has kept them in business for decades. They look forward to keeping this family tradition going for years to come.


STORIS is the industry’s leading provider of retail software solutions, supporting over 400 retailers. We provide top tier technology and a full suite of client services. With dedication to the home furnishings industry for over 30 years, STORIS gives you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

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