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Lazzoni Thrives with STORIS

“STORIS has allowed our retail business to thrive and grow due to its ability to effectively handle our special order needs.”

-Eren Ustuner, Head of Operations


Lazzoni was a one showroom operation utilizing Quickbooks and manual spreadsheets. As a highly custom company, they were having a difficult time keeping track of special order products. It was also unclear what was in their warehouse at all times. Sales orders were often incorrect due to human errors in the manual processes. The business needed a system that could be tailored to all aspects of their unique needs, from point of sale to inventory and logistics.

In researching a new software solution, Lazzoni found that STORIS had the ability to be tailored to fit the needs of a highly special order business and was also industry specific. The system could be customized to Lazzoni’s requirements. Another benefit was that inventory controls provided real-time updates on merchandise counts. Ultimately, the software system was able to incorporate all aspects of Lazzoni’s operations, from accounting to inventory, in one complete solution.

As a business that was once operating manually, having a support system and partnership with STORIS allowed for a more seamless conversion process. Although Lazzoni’s product coding structure is complicated due to its customization of items, their STORIS Project Manager was there to help each step of the way. As a partner, STORIS was willing to provide the enhancements and configurations Lazzoni needed from the beginning. Today, Lazzoni benefits from consistent interaction with STORIS’ Client Advocacy department.

Because of STORIS, our customer service has improved. We are more efficient at the point of sale and more accurate with our delivery promises. This makes our customers happy.

-Eren Ustuner

Green couch in front of large window in living roomWhat Lazzoni Gained with STORIS

With a manual system, Lazzoni had to keep track of everything with spreadsheets, which was not efficient or accurate. Plus, inventory counts were not in real-time. Growing to multiple retail stores and warehouses, it was necessary to convert to a system that could manage it all. STORIS has improved their inventory management with up-to-date information on inventory in one central place.

The customer experience at Lazzoni has improved immensely because of STORIS. Everything from completing the transaction to reserving stock and ensuring a timely delivery has been streamlined. Having reliable processes in place allows customer promises to be fulfilled, providing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Lazzoni chose STORIS because of its ability to handle special orders and its sole dedication to the home furnishings industry. The retail brand has benefited from having the option to tailor certain aspects of the software to fit their needs. At the same time, they still have access to the features used and requested by hundreds of other retailers.

When Lazzoni implemented STORIS, they were operating one showroom in New York City. Within three years on the system, they had the tools and ability to open two more showrooms, another in NYC and one in Paramus, NJ. They have intentions to grow even more and can do so with the flexibility and scalability STORIS provides.

Lazzoni has multiple users and a sales staff that is growing. The ease-of-use of STORIS has allowed these newcomers to be trained quickly and easily without needing STORIS’ assistance. The use of software has eliminated human error caused by manual ticket entry. Security controls also allow management to decide what the sales staff can have access to within the system.

Lazzoni loves the real-time updates that STORIS provides, especially when it comes to inventory. They also enjoy the ability to have a tailored system that is being consistently enhanced.

Elegant dining room setABOUT LAZZONI

Lazzoni has a rich historical background as a family-owned company of Turkish heritage. The namesake comes from the word “Laz,” which defines a group of people native to the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey.

For over 100 years, the operation has prided itself on high-quality products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The family has been manufacturing furniture since 1905 using many European influenced elements spanning from Turkey to Germany. Italian architects and designers help them create modern, high-end furnishings that are distributed directly by Lazzoni.

Today, Lazzoni operates three showrooms in the United States, two in New York City and one in Paramus, NJ. They also have stores throughout Europe and Istanbul, making a total of 20 stores worldwide. Additionally, Lazzoni offers interior design services lead by design consultants from all over the world.

While they boast a catalogue of modern, sleek and upscale furniture, the Lazzoni brand stays true to its historical roots and beliefs, that high-end products can be eco-friendly.

From humble beginnings in the wood houses of Turkey to stunning showrooms, Lazzoni’s brand continues to shine.

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