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New Business Intelligence Solution Empowers John V. Schultz Team

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Like most furniture retailers, John V. Schultz is continuously adapting to changing consumer shopping behavior and the rising influence of eCommerce on their business’ performance. With more customer data being generated through their retail technology, John V. Schultz desired a way to consolidate that data, analyze it in real-time, and empower their team with visibility into changing trends. Additionally, to make the best use of these strategic insights, they were seeking a way to share that data across their company roles.

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To answer this challenge that John V. Schultz and many retailers face, STORIS set out to develop a new Business Intelligence (BI) Solution. John V. Schultz eagerly signed on as an Alpha Tester for the new product and began collaborating with the STORIS team. The goal was to develop a BI solution that would unify analytics across channels, make data accessible across a retailer’s team, be easy to use through an actionable interface, and foster teamwork across a company.



CEO John Schultz noted that the experience working with the STORIS team was defined by open communications. There were mutual learning opportunities as both teams navigated what the future of BI for furniture retail would look like. The biggest takeaway they uncovered was that while STORIS BI’s foundation is home furnishings industry-specific, it needed to also be flexible to monitor goals specific to individual retailers.


“STORIS is our trusted partner of two decades, keeping us ahead of the curve with products like Business Intelligence that provide dynamic insights.” John Schultz, CEO & FMG President


Benefits of Business Intelligence


John V. Schultz has decades of transactional data on their customers, sales, and inventory collected in their STORIS Data Warehouse. This next level BI solution enables them to use both historical and newly collected transactional data from across their retail and eCommerce operation within a front end dashboarding interface.



Perhaps Schultz’ favorite benefit of STORIS BI is the reduced reliance on an I.T. staff that formerly limited company-wide analytics. He noted that it has reduced expenses related to SQL coding and doesn’t require data queries. All of their employees, regardless of technical expertise, can build their own reports and dashboards with this new tool, promoting independence.



Schultz states that this empowers the John V. Schultz team to take accountability for growing their own performance. Sales associates are delivered their individual sales numbers in a dashboard as well as the team’s averages to benchmark against. Sales managers are also evaluating their team against company-wide store performance. They can use this information to support the success of their team members. Because metrics are updated in real-time, the BI dashboards are a constant source of motivation. Schultz noted that the team takes pride in working towards exceeding goals and delivering on their customers’ expectations. The sales team is excited about having access to this valuable data and to be a part of the overall performance of the company. It’s a win for everyone across the board.

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Insights displayed in STORIS BI are visual and dynamic. The consumable dashboards help John V. Schultz stay on top of their operational goals and financial KPIs. This enables executives to proactively manage performance even when traveling. Mobile dashboards offer peace of mind as they can access the same data from their phones.



Even with increased data accessibility, the team is confident in the security controls around sensitive information. User settings and securities are already set up in and carry over from STORIS. Schultz didn’t have to duplicate efforts rebuilding control settings in BI. This makes it easy to roll out BI across the company.



Schultz is happy with the balance STORIS BI is able to achieve. The STORIS developers have built key data sets that are specific to home furnishings retailers but also allow the John V. Schultz team to adjust metrics to account for the way they operate their business. Schultz is excited to roll out BI to more team members and build even more insightful reports.


“STORIS BI delivers valuable analyses tailored to home furnishings retailers through an intuitive tool. The BI solution drives strategic decisions and is also flexible enough for us to customize the KPIs that are important to our operations.” John Schultz, CEO & FMG President

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About John V. Schultz

John V. Schultz has been serving Erie Pennsylvania and surrounding communities with furniture and bedding retail stores since 1940. Their ability to adapt to changing markets and meet the needs of their local communities has driven John V. Schultz’ success.

Their affordable prices, exceptional quality, and outstanding customer service set John V. Schultz apart. Their team is enthusiastic about exceeding customer expectations and helping them create an enduring and affordable environment for their home. John V. Schultz’ stores are uniquely designed to help customers generate ideas and solutions to solve even the toughest of home decor challenges.

For a quarter of their rich family history, John V. Schultz has trusted their retail technology to STORIS. The partnership has supported John V. Schultz’ growth and provided the software solutions needed to deliver exceptional customer service.

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