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Ashley DFW Sets Sales Records

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Ashley of Dallas Fort Worth was operating on the same, outdated system for over a decade. Although some components of the software worked well for their business, they knew they needed a change. The customer experience was not all that it could be, manual processes were cumbersome and software enhancements were no longer being made. The software was not user-friendly or modern, which were also painpoints. The company considered developing their own solution before they discovered STORIS. After reviewing the product, they knew they would achieve the customer experience they were striving for in a modern and user-friendly interface. Further, they would be able to have the custom developments and trusted partnership they needed to achieve even more success.

After identifying the fact that STORIS would fit their needs, Ashley DFW headed into working with the development and implementation teams. The conversion process went smoothly and better than expected. They quickly discovered that the software was beneficial not only to their point of sale, but to other aspects of their retail business. Their unique discounting model was taken care of through special enhancements developed by STORIS before Ashley DFW went live.

Ashley DFW and STORIS have maintained a strong partnership. They feel comfortable reaching out to a number of STORIS employees at any time and know they will receive a timely and helpful response. The support and sense of community is something they did not have with their previous software and are appreciative of now.

The capabilities of the STORIS software have allowed us to reduce time at the point of sale, increase efficiencies and be more successful than ever before. – Andrew Ponder, Director of Business Intelligence


Having STORIS’ automated system has eliminated Ashley’s need to write tickets manually and perform double entry when sending information to the back office. This has not only shaved time off of the point of sale checkout but has eliminated manual errors. Customer retention has also improved because shoppers are not frustrated with wait times at checkout.

Ashley DFW experienced an extremely successful Black Friday and holiday shopping season. Customers did not leave the store due to high volume and long wait times. Instead, they were happy with the fast checkout process. Salespeople were able to apply discounts quickly and easily to seal the sale and send customers on their way.

Ashley DFW notes that the area of the software that most people within the company use is the front-end POS. They believe it is an extremely user-friendly application, which is beneficial to the people working in it every day. Although some employees were used to the old software, it was easy to train them on STORIS and they are thriving.

Data Warehouse is key for Ashley DFW. They are able to easily create reports and manipulate the data to best serve them.   Data Warehouse allows a Top 100 company like Ashley DFW to hone in on all the important data they need. STORIS’ built in report builder is also robust and useful for end users.

A main factor in Ashley DFW’s software decision was the ability to handle their unique discounting structure. STORIS was able to meet these needs before the Top 100 company even became a Client. This level of development was essential for Ashley and STORIS made it happen. In the past, they were calculating discounts on pen and paper and STORIS has eliminated this hindrance, removed room for error and made selling easier than ever. Ashley DFW’s gross margin rose significantly due to the discounting capabilities.

Ashley DFW’s conversion and implementation went extremely well. Their live week was successful and they have been continuing to see positive results of utilizing the software. They can count on the STORIS team for support and development whenever it is needed.

A large part of why we chose STORIS is because it is a family-owned company. Our previous software changed hands at least three times, which was not beneficial to us. With STORIS, we can trust that we will be supported and that development will continue as technology evolves.


Ashley Furniture HomeStore is one of the top furniture brands in the world and the largest retailer of furniture and bedding in the United States.

Ashley Dallas Fort Worth operates 8 stores throughout Texas and prides itself on being a loyal provider of home furnishings to the region.

These retail operations were opened by the Levitz family, which is a name very well-known in the furniture industry. The family began in furniture retail over a century ago and is carrying the tradition as the fourth generation in business.

The Ashley DFW chain began in 2002. Since then, they have expanded to 7 stores in DFW and one in El Paso, TX. The Levitz family abides by their philosophy “people first,” which dates back to its beginnings decades ago.

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