The Power of Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology is the second key pillar of customer experience that the Boston Retail Partner 2019 POS/Customer Engagement Survey identifies. As customers are using different channels to create their own retail experiences, the opportunities mobile devices offer are significant to retailers.

Today, consumers use their smartphones to research products, compare prices, buy products online, and pay for in-store purchases.  The convenience of mobile devices has changed shopping behaviors and elevated expectations.  There is no stopping the power of mobile technology. In fact, 41% of consumers in the BRP study indicate they plan to increase their shopping frequency on their phone/tablet in the next 24 months.

Mobile devices also present retailers the opportunity to enhance the customer experience.  They can be used as a tool for sales associates to influence customer’s buying decisions before they get to the checkout line.  The ability to quickly look up a customer’s purchase history, shopping cart, or product information will help associates provide exceptional customer service directly on the sales floor.  Providing real-time data without physical limitations is critical to delivering quality service to tech-savvy shoppers.  Store associates often feel more confident and independent with intuitive mobile technology they find easy and efficient to use.

The most beneficial customer-facing mobile services retailers are using today are prior purchase history (67%), product information such as price, location, and availability (65%), personal recommendations (59%), mobile coupons, specials, and promotions (57%), mobile loyalty programs (57%), and shopping carts/wish lists (53%).

Mobile technology in the hands of consumers and retail associates is driving the transformation of the customer engagement model.  This shift will help enhance the customer experience across all channels.   Accessibility and demand for mobile devices are driving retailers to upgrade their in-store technology to stay ahead of the competition as well as aligning their brand with the interest of online consumers.

STORIS’ mobile technology is designed to elevate the customer’s experience on the showroom floor.  Retailers can access the entire STORIS solution as well as create, edit, and complete shopping carts. STORIS’ mobile point of sale can simplify everyday business activities with efficient access to information. Store associates can easily complete orders, search for available inventory quantities, promotional pricing, product imagery, and delivery dates in real-time. STORIS’ mobile POS provides retailers with a unified retail technology that gives them a competitive advantage.

The use of mobile devices and tablets, both in the hands of associates and customers, will continue to increase.  Retailers must continue to improve their mobile capabilities through refined processes, enhanced technology, and trained associates.  Customer-facing mobile technology is becoming a powerful tool and will continue to provide retailers with the advantage they need to improve their customer service.

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