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Q&A with the STORIS Sales Team

The STORIS Sales Team is comprised of dedicated Business Development Managers who work with prospective clients on a daily basis. I sat down with a member of our Sales Team, Lindsey Ciccone, to talk about what she likes most about her position.Lindsey2

Q: What is your favorite part about being a Business Development Manager?

A: My favorite part of my job is meeting and working with new people. Each day is different and that keeps you on your toes. I’m constantly learning new things from new people. It’s also the start to building long lasting relationships with prospective retail partners.

Q: How did you begin your career in sales?

A: I started at STORIS as an Account Manager, working closely with our clients. After a year, I was given the opportunity to move into outside sales. I was sad to be leaving a position where I worked closely managing and caring for our retail partners, but I was excited to start a new journey at STORIS. It has been a fun and rewarding job to say the least.

Q: What is your favorite part about providing a demonstration of our software to prospects?

A: Each person that I speak with has a pain point they are dealing with in their business. We talk about these obstacles before the demo so that we can show them how STORIS will help or even eliminate certain issues. I would say for each demo my favorite part is showing the prospect what is going to help them by using STORIS. Aside from this, I really enjoy presenting our Point of Sale capabilities. Coming from a retail background I can really relate to this piece of the system and the need for it to be quick and easy.

Q: Are there any memorable reactions that you have gotten from individuals who have just seen a demo?

A: It is always great to hear when a prospect likes something they see in the demo, but I have to say my most memorable prospect reaction was one of my first sales. Throughout the demo I was anxious to show them things that would help them as they were coming from a manual system. All of the things I was excited to show them they were even more excited to see.  They were vocal about their enthusiasm and I was happy that we could help them.

Q: What do you feel are necessary qualities of a successful Business Development Manager?

A: I think the most successful sales people are those who enjoy working with people on a daily basis and who find happiness in helping others.

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