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8 Ways STORIS Supports Growth

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Here at STORIS, we pride ourselves on the ability to help retailers find opportunities for growth through our software ’s features, functionality, and infrastructure. You may be wondering…what makes STORIS ideal for growth? Here are 8 of the tools that have helped our retailers increase their revenue and profitability.

1. Suggested Selling

With up-selling tools, never miss an opportunity to increase your average ticket. Help your sales staff suggest add-on items and related service plans, which are options customers often respond to.

2. Business Intelligence

Analytical insights and real-time performance metrics provide management teams with the knowledge to make the best strategic decisions. BI tools help retailers make optimal business decisions for growth.

 3. Inventory Precision

With precise tracking and the ability to make efficient stock adjustments, you can gain full control over your inventory. Monitor every piece of inventory from warehouse receipt through customer delivery.

4. Demand Forecasting

Understand how your customers’ shopping trends correlate with your supply chain timeline to plan an optimized buying cycle. Use real-time sales trends across your business.

“Our technology platform is crucial to Mathis’ future growth as a top retailer. STORIS offers a great solution and keeps getting better as the industry evolves.” -Rich Mitton, Director of IT
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5. Buyer’s Tools

Efficiently review SKUs by the vendor and capture a snapshot of an item’s performance. Use to develop strategic costing and pricing plans. Understanding KPIs can empower you to secure an ideal cost of goods. Price right to sell more and reduce markdowns.

6. Expedient Service

When your checkout process is tedious, you risk losing a sale and prevent your sales staff from getting back on the showroom floor. Easy-to-use interfaces and organized screen design help retailers shave a substantial amount of time off their check out process.

eComm + Mobile

Customers across retail have high expectations of how they engage with their favorite brands. eCommerce and mobile are important factors that retailers need to consider to remain competitive in the future. Our solutions help retailers sell across all platforms while catering to the needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers.


Utilize a resource-efficient database to grow without the need for the additional technological infrastructure. Scalability is vital as it allows you to open new stores and expand staff without business interruption or a change in technological investments.

“Every facet of our business model works together with STORIS. Our continued growth reinforces STORIS’ role in providing our company a foundation for expansion.” -El Strelitz, CEO Haynes Logo

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