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5 Reasons to Love Your Software

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Running a home furnishings retail operation is not an easy task. With an abundance of moving pieces, from managing merchandise to motivating your sales staff and keeping your customers happy, you want to stay on top of it all. With the right software system, you can get all of your business operations under control. In the spirit of the holiday, we’re giving you five reasons why you should love your software.

  1. Keeps your sales staff motivated—With software, you can take control of your sales floor so your staff always has a chance to make a sale. An up-system prepares staff by letting them know who is up next in the lead rotation, allowing each customer to be taken care of in a timely matter. Associated product prompts allow sales people to offer coordinating items to customers, which increases the chance of a larger sale. Mobile technology can help your salespeople feel more confident when interacting with customers on the showroom floor because they will have all the information they need at their fingertips.
  2. Gives you room to grow—An intuitive software doesn’t just quit when your operations get larger. The right software will grow with you, so you can continue to expand your business. With the ability to add on new features as they’re needed, you never have to feel like you are being hindered by the software you chose when you were a smaller retailer.
  3. Keeps you well-informed—As an owner or manager of a business, it is probably important to you to see how things are going on a day to day basis. With the right reporting tools, you can get a snapshot of your overall business operations in real-time, so you never feel like you’re missing something.
  4. Keeps you current—The shopping habits of millennials is something you have to consider, as they hold much of the buying power in today’s retail climate. Millennials want efficient, quick and friendly service. If you’re operating with pen and paper or a slow system, there is a good chance you will lose a sale. With a quick point of sale, customer history at your fingertips and the technology you need to impress this generation, you will be in a better position to have returning shoppers.
  5. Helps you stay on trend—Having the correct merchandise is what will help you sell. If you have outdated pieces that no one wants to buy, you will probably be keeping them stocked in the backroom or forced to sell them at an extremely low price. With insights into merchandising trends, you’ll know what is in demand and what you should not order in the future. Impress your customers with a showroom floor that is stocked with attractive pieces.

Running a retail business comes with a vast number of responsibilities. Having an intuitive software system will provide you with the tools you need to be confident about your daily business operations. Choosing a software provider that offers a strong partnership and the support you need is also ideal. If you are well-equipped with a software you love and a partnership that strengthens your own business, you are sure to be successful.

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