George Dudek

George Dudek

Immediate Results

"Since going live on STORIS, we have increased our inventory turns and our gross margin return on investment has improved. We've also retained an increase in business with STORIS. To be up at this point is incredible. We have just scratched the surface of what the system is capable of and it has already improved our business processes. Vision R8 has exposed prior short-comings, and we have now corrected those issues with the help of STORIS. Vision R8 helps us run smoothly."

Sales Staff is Thriving

"Business has improved and that's a good thing because our sales team works on commission. Now that we have complete control of our inventory, the sales team is benefiting. We have two different markets and operate in two different warehouses. We never fully had accessibility to both markets."

A Superior Reputation

"We were referred by other franchises who have used STORIS in the past. We wanted an in-house system that was powerful and affordable. STORIS was the obvious choice."

A Great Relationship

"The STORIS staff has been great! I can't say enough about the team. They are terrific. The training was great and the people have been wonderful to work with."

The Right Decision

"I am glad we chose STORIS. The system has simplified operations, including the ordering process. I can see us benefiting from the system even more in the future."

Name: George Dudek

Title: Partner

Store: Mattress Matters d/b/a The Mattress Firm

Specialty: Bedding

Locations: 14

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